Synaesthesia - The Scent of Beauty [1]

Synaesthesia is a neurological phenomenon / condition in which people experience one sense through another. For example, someone with synaesthesia might see colors when they hear sounds, or like Kandinsky who had the ability to translate colours and shapes into sounds and harmonies. However, in poetry, synaesthesia is a literary device that uses cross-sensory imagery to create a more vivid and evocative experience for the reader. Synaesthetic metaphors are a common feature of poetry, and artists have been using it also in painting, where certain shapes, textures and color palettes can evoke a synaesthetic perception. As the subtitle of my exhibition suggests, I hope that viewers will perceive the "Scent of Beauty" in my paintings — as a profound and intangible quality of nature's beauty.
A Scent of Beauty Left Behind
“And her song released the sudden spring”
“Warm fragrance in the breezes’ breath”
“Bathed in pale Luna’s light”
“L’image d’un ballet de fleurs”
“Ô Beauté!”
“The wild rose pale Perfumed the gale”
“Self-folding like a flower That faints into itself at evening hour”
Ephemeral Moments
Everything is Transient
Involuntary Memory